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Arbor Bench

Product Code: ARB44

$489.00 USD


Material: Western Red Cedar

Weight: 55.0 lb

*Some Assembly Required*

The Arbor Bench is ideal for any backyard setting and comfortably fits 2 people!


  1. Your arbor will arrive in 5 separate sections, 2 sides, 1 top, 1 back and 1 bench seat
  2. Before you begin to build your arbor first identify the location in your yard that you plan to use it. We recommend that you dig 4 holes between 6-8”’s deep to set the 4 posts in and then place concrete around the posts, this will help keep the arbor locked in place in your yard.
  3. You should fully assemble your arbor before placing it in the ground.
  4. Your side panels will fit snugly into the top section of the arbor – review the picture details above to see examples of the side panels sliding into the bracing.
  5. Once you have the side panels in place tighten the pre-set screws in the 4 top sections, this will connect the side panels to the top section of the arbor.
  6. After you attach the side panels to the top section you can now add the arbor back and bench seat. When you attach the back of the arbor only attach it to one side (with the screws that are provided) and then attach that same side of the bench (with the screws that are provided). This is important – it you fully attach the back of the arbor, it will be very difficult to attach the seat and it may not come together correctly.
  7. When moving the arbor, never move it by the lattice panels alone! The lattice panels are fragile and are only adhered with staples, if you want to move the full unit make sure to grasp the arbor up at the top where the side panel posts and top section of the arbor come together.

A Note About Craftsmanship: Each of Seattle Cedar’s fine products is handmade in Washington state. Therefore, the color of each individual piece of wood will vary slightly making each of our products truly one of a kind.


Inner Post Width: Outer Post Width: Post Size: Post Height:
44" 51" 2"x4" 6'
Side Panel Width: Bench Seat Height: Bench Width: Bench Depth:
27" 19" 48" 18"


All items shipped ready to use, no assembly required (except for our arbors which require some minimal assembly).

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    Care & Maintainence:

    Although Seattle Cedar’s products are maintenance-free, to retain the “like-new” finish of our products (learn more about staining here) consider housing your cedar product inside a garage or shed if possible during the wet winter months.

    If you choose to house your cedar product out of doors year round, we recommend cleaning your cedar product as needed by hosing down and/or brushing away accumulated dirt and debris making sure to use, at most, a mild, non-phosphate detergent.

    Be aware that housing your cedar product outside year round, where it is exposed to UV rays, pollution, and constant variations in moisture and temperature, will likely cause your cedar product to oxidize. You may notice the surface color change over time to a silver/gray patina. This silver/gray patina is surface deep only (often less than 1/16") and is not indicative of decay. Our products will last many years and are not compromised in any way by this change in surface color. In fact, we often get requests from customers for “that time-worn gray finish,” but as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.


    We stand behind all products that we sell and your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your purchase, contact us within the first 30 days of receiving the item and we will fix or replace it.


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